Tips On How To “Declutter” Your Laptop Or Personal Computer

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Having a cluttered laptop or PC is like having a cluttered room; you get used to the mess, and you get used to working around the clutter, but eventually, the clutter gets to you. Even worse, in the case of the laptop, it not only becomes annoying to handle, it also makes you laptop slow. We’re guessing that it is said clutter finally pushing you over the edge that has brought you to us.


Don’t worry, we’ve got a few tips to help you declutter, and you don’t even have to be a computer whiz to do most of them! Interested? Read on to find out.

Clear what you see every day.

What do you see every day? The desk top, of course! More often than not, having a messy desk top alone can feel like your entire laptop is cluttered. Delete all the unwanted things in it, including files, folders, pictures and unused games.

A trick that works for some is to use a good wall paper. Having something you like as your wall paper (like the face of your present star crush, or a picture of your girlfriend) will ensure that you don’t fill too many things on to the desk top, simply because you like the picture and you want a clearer view. A slide show of pictures works even better here!

Prepare to organize.

We all know that organizing is the best way to achieve a chaos free life. Well, the same works for your laptop or PC as well! Try to organize your files. Put away all the pictures in to one or a few folders. This way, it’ll be easier for you to find them. Do you have a lot of songs or movies saved in your laptop? Sort them into folders, based according to language or genre.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to delete all those extra things lying around; like the pictures of the ex you’ve long forgotten!
The things that were supposed to help.

Applications and software are supposed to help both you and your laptop. But if said applications or software is just “catching dust” without being put to use, then perhaps they too need to be deleted.

The same can be said for games as well. Get rid of all those games you once used to play, but you are now not interested in. If you haven’t played it in a few months, or years, chances are that you never will!

Send the clutter away from you.

We know that there is some junk, no matter how old, or how unused, they cannot be deleted. Opt for cloud services at Australia in this case.

Now-a-days, cloud services are considered helpful secure and convenient. You can get access to them where ever you are! Apart from that, in the case of pictures and videos specially, you might want to consider getting an external hardware. It’s definitely worth the cost, and it’s easy to carry around if necessary as well.

Use a “decluttering tool”.

Our last tip, and one that needs a little “tech know-how” than the rest. Use a PC de-cluttering tool. One of the champs in the world of decluttering tools is the “Cleaner”. This little guy is considered light weight, and highly efficient. It will get rid of your unused files, internet cookies, and clean your registry as well. It’s an easy and user friendly tool, so don’t be intimidated. Let it do your work for you!